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Does Your Hair Need a Summer Vacation?

Beauty Icon José Eber Shares the Latest Looks for Sultry Days and Nights

If your current cut and color could use an update for the long, hot days of
summer, José Eber and his Artistic Team, comprised of the best stylists and
colorist from Eber's nationwide collection of salons, have developed a
winning formula for creating and maintaining the hottest looks for the
month's ahead.

Sometimes change is like a summer vacation. A great hair cut. A splash of
color. Two simple elements that can change your look and leave you feeling
relaxed, carefree and ready to enjoy any summer destination, whether in on
the sands of Saint Tropez or poolside in your own backyard. A fantastic
summer hairstyle can be, in and of itself, like a long, languorous holiday -
without the sun damage.

Each season at José Eber Atelier, our top stylists and colorists work with me
to create collections of hairstyles to complement both the casual and couture
fashions introduced on runways across the world. Here we unveil some of the
most exciting looks for the summer of 2001.

This season, we have created feminine, easy to maintain looks that
accentuate, not overpower, the pastel colors, floral prints, and lightweight
fabrics that help to beat the heat and humidity. These summer tresses are
fresh, bouncy, boast lots of sexy shine and cry out to be touched.
My philosophy has always been that beauty is more than hair, facial features
and body type. There is no one hairstyle or color that will work for every
woman, but there is a look that is just right for you. So keep in mind that
while creating your own signature summer style, the overall goal is to not
just be more beautiful but more confident and comfortable with who you are.

With this in mind, here are a few tips and trends to really help you radiate
from sunrise to sunset.

Solid Summer Shimmer

This seasons colors are all about one process, solid looks. Locks in pure
shades of auburn, chestnut, and pale blonde will dominate. Streaks are out.
Shiny, sexy, healthy looking hair is in.

Breezy, Carefree Cuts

Summer hair is all about a great cut. This season's lines are more blunt
than in recent seasons and are accentuated with light layers that move.

Avoid Overexposure

Even the most attentive, expensive hair care regimen may not deliver the
looks you want when you consider the abuses of summer. Sun, heat, chlorine,
haircolor, overdrying, and product buildup can all damage hair, and the
consequences are twice as bad during the summer months. Instead of creating
complicated styles, focus most of your attention on the care and conditioning
of your hair. So, be sure to wear sunscreen made especially for hair. There
are several
great products on the market right now.

Don't over shampoo - the heat and sun will already dry hair - too much
shampoo will make it even dryer. You can wash with shampoo every other day
but you must condition every day.

Take the lazy days of summer to liven up your locks with leave in conditioner
applied liberally while at the beach or lying by the pool. How should you
deep-condition your hair? Start an inch down from your scalp where you don't
need more oil, especially in warm weather, comb conditioner through and
massage into the ends. Keep on several minutes, or wear all day on trendily
twisted, pinned-up tresses.

At José Eber Atelier, we use our own signature line of products, Biolure.
Made with natural plant extracts, essential oils and herbs, they are ideal
for gently cleansing conditioning and styling hair of all types. Biolure
Daily Shampoo is very gentle on summer hair while Biolure Daily Conditioner
can be rinsed right out or left in for extra conditioning.

Cover Up

Hats and scarves a la Bridget Jones are a must if you plan to be in the sun
for an extended period of time or hair will end up bleached, dry and brittle.
And, after swimming in the ocean, lake or pool, rinse hair immediately to
remove chemicals, salts and other impurities that can be disastrous to hair
color and condition.

Make a Statement

Accessorize. Headbands, barrettes in all shapes and sizes, and more
sophisticated hair jewelry can help to maintain sleek summer looks, make
styling easy, and add sizzle to a straightforward cut. While on the beach,
apply conditioner to the hair and wrap it with a colorful scarf. On breezy
summer evenings, keep hair in place with a headband or barrettes. Use
accessories to express your individuality and playful side.
Follow your intuition about what warm weather-friendly colors, cuts and
adornments look best on you. With a little inspiration from the sun, sights
and simple pleasures of summertime, you can go places you never dreamed you'd

Bon Voyage!

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